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Our experience and meticulous procedures that use the most advanced products in the field of liquid foils guarantees exceptional results .
Through partnerships with distributors in the US and Europe , we are committed to offer you the newest and best products / services.
Dip Star is more than just a company. We are a family that grows with each customer or partner that we have .

Count on us when it comes to professional auto styling

Protect your car and maintain it’s value in time. Give her a new look

It all started from the passion for cars and design of a young entrepreneur from Oradea. Dip Star started with the idea of innovation, modern design and protective solutions for any car or vehicle. What we do here at Dip Star is to offer your car protection against physical and chemical factors using the most advanced materials that apply in a reversible way . Also, with the Dip Star services, your car will get a fresh look, new, with the choice between an almost infinite variety of colors such as pearl , metallic, candy , chameleon, matt , satin, glossy .

What we’re offering

  • Complete or partial liquid car wrapping
  • Liquid wheel wrapping
  • Auto design
  • Auto detailing
  • Body kit mounting and installing.
  • Dip Star Pearls
  • Ceramic Treatments
  • Franchising Opportunities
  • Partnership Opportunities

Why choose Dip Star Products and Services?

  • Advanced protection of your car
  • Maintain your car’s value(or even grow it)
  • Escape the routine with a fresh and novel look for your car
  • Personalize your car
  • Get to be a part of the Dip Star family
  • You have free consulting and advice regarding your car’s style and protection


Why choose Dip Star?

  • We use the most advanced materials
  • Trust in professional services
  • Exclusive colors like chameleon, pearl , satin, phosphorescent
  • Platinum warranty – 3 years for exclusive packages
  • Standard warranty- 2 years for standard packages
  • We use protective coats for Dipping
  • We inspect your vehicle for free before Dipping
  • Degreasing and preparing the vehicle is included in any Dipping service
  • Special promotions in our Dip Star store, just for our clients
  • Be a part of the Dip Star family
  • We offer consulting and ideas for styling and advance auto protection
  • We offer support before and after the Dipping process
  • We believe in quality. We don’t compromise when it comes down to quality
  • We love cars

Client satisfaction is the most important

  • Sensational! The guys over at Dip star left me speechless. My Audi was brought back to life! Thank you!

    Bogdan D.
    Bogdan D.Manager
  • Good job Dip star! I can only thank you for the extraordinary transformation you guys did to my car.

    Catalin R.
    Catalin R.Consultant
  • I can't thank you enough ! You guys over at Dip Star successfully turned my dream car to reality !

    Tudor T.
    Tudor T.Entrepreneur

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Virtually unlimited colour options. Be amazed by our premium liquid wrapping service.

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