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Liquid wrapping or classic paint?

Liquid wrapping and classical paint are two different things . The liquid wrap paint film does not replace the classical paint, it actually protects the paint and bodywork from physical and chemical factors .

What is liquid wrapping?

Wrapping liquid is a process that covers partially or totally the outside of the vehicle , giving it a protective layer against the actions of physical and chemical harmful factors (stones , scratches , abrasion , corrosion , acids , dirt ), with the possibility of changing the color or texture. The process is reversible, by peeling the foil like any protective film . We can make an analogy with protective film covering the screen of a mobile phone.

Can liquid wrapping hurt my car?

No. The role of liquid car wrapping , besides aesthetics , is to provide protection to a car body subjected to various forms of wear ( hitting stones on the roadway , scratch , chemical contamination , etc.) . However , if the machine has been repainted incorrectly there is a risk of harming the paint . Cases of this kind are very rare, almost nonexistent.

All cars are inspected by us before starting the liquid wrapping procedure, ascertaining whether the car was repainted previously or has some damaged items.

Do I get any kind of warranty for Dip Star's services?

Yes , our services are accompanied by an application and workmanship warranty for 24 months for all cars that have passed our inspection points . For cars which have not passed all inspection points guarantee is reduced to 90 days.

This guarantee consists of repainting or fixing liquid film in case of separation.

Dip Star International is not liable for scratches, bumps or any type of physical or chemical damage occurred because of misuse .

How much does the liquid wrap last on my car?

The life expectancy of the Dip Star liquid film is between 3 and 5 years in the standard version and the Exclusive versions have virtually an unlimited lifespan .

Do I need to let the local authorities know if I wrap my car?

Depending on the country where the car is registered , it is (or it is not ) necessary to inform legal authorities after liquid wrapping a car, especially if the new color is different from the original one.

How can I see the colors you offer?

The first place where you can see the available colors is: HERE

We offer color customization: matte , satin, glossy , pearlescent , metallic, RAL . The possibilities are endless.

What does it consist of, and how long does liquid wrapping take?

Depending on the car and the options chosen for the project, complete liquid wrapping takes 1 to 4 days. Most often we ask to bring the car the night before and the day after the evening meal the car is ready to go.

Besides the actual Dipping , we make sure that the car is properly prepared . It begins with a review of findings , can be cleaned with a special solution pre- dip, then gives the car a treatment for decontamination and eventually degrease the entire surface . All these processes are included in the final price .

Does the car need to be taken apart?

Depending on the machine , it may be necessary or removal of body parts .

To get the best results , Dip Star assumes responsibility for the dismantling of elements if absolutely necessary.

Most often these are removed: ornaments , grids, seals, handles, stops .

When and how can I pay?

In the entire Dip Star network payment methods accepted are cash payment or bank transfer, and it may be submitted in two ways: 40 % in advance when programming for , and the rest after completing Dipping or payment in advance of the entire amount. *

* For projects with an estimated cost of less than 450 RON ( 100 Euro ) we do not charge prepayment .

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